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Sunday, August 8, 2010


So Reality TV started out as “The Real World” where people stopped being polite and started getting real. Then we had The Osbournes, who although celebrities, let us into their lives and gave us a sneak peek of their regular lives – or however regular you can get living in a mansion and being rock royalty. Somewhere along the way however, they stopped being polite or real. The Hills – really now how many stilted scripted conversations can one watch with all of their blank stares at each other. I wanted to hurl something at the screen!

Then we moved onto the competition reality shows like Apprentice, Survivor, Project Runway and Top Chef. As much of the competition portion was real, the personalities depicted with their confessional diatribes are often so fake and obviously played to garner fan favoritism and to launch their own following and fan base as a celebrity.

Now I have no problem with those earning millions acting, singing, dancing and their lives becoming a celebrity circus. I can kind of tolerate the Paris Hilton, Kardashian's and Nicole Ritchie’s that entered our conscience through seemly incidents like sex tapes, clubbing or – gag me – being a socialite, because they built empires that clueless people flock to purchase their merchandise so “OMG I can be a celebutante too!” taking advantage of the stupid yes, but laughing and making somewhat legitimate bank in the meantime is ok.

What pisses me off is the Real Housewives and Jersey Shore cast members that go on TV, make a mockery of themselves and then proceed to be EVERYWHERE. Spinning off Bethany Getting Married? And starting the show after we had all seen pictures of the wedding and the baby was so retarded I couldn’t even watch it and as she was the only RH franchise member I actually liked a bit says a lot. I propose we have a new rule that you must display some sort of talent and no scripts or direction aside from abiding by FCC rules take effect. Therefore no watching idiots get drunk, start fights and drama just for ratings and only that can be reality TV all other shows need a band of good writers and actual SAG actors that paid their dues and earned the right to be on a red carpet or giving an award away.

That said, I am now going to go watch my Tivo’d Real Housewives of NJ and see what that crazy bitch Danielle did now and feel my blood pressure rise.

By Chriseee

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